Western Vocal (Online)

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Vocal music is a kind of music in which singing is the prime focus, with or without the accompaniment of instruments. We focus more on generic vocal techniques, equipping students to eventually sing in any genre including Rock, Pop, Country, Gospel, Spiritual, etc. A lot of people hear and enjoy the way the popular western English singers perform and dream about it.  A good singer is practically made up of a careful and creative mixture of ideas and techniques, not necessarily a sweet voice like what a lot of folks think. We teach people contemporary singing, harnessing their talent and passion, and putting it on a grand scale.

What you will learn:

  • Complete beginners will be taken to an intermediate (or even higher) level of the western vocal with a thorough understanding of music theory.
  • To read music, so that you can play from lead sheets, chord sheets, and sheet music.
  • Beginners guide to singing, voice textures and voice ranges, music notes, and rhythm.
  • Practical singing classes and workshops.


  • Passion to learn music and dedication to practice & perform
  • Notebook and pen
  • Laptop with high-quality Webcam and Mic & Zoom Meeting Client

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