Advanced Bollywood Dance

Enrollment must be completed by all new students with one-time registration fee.

Batch: N12 - Thur & Sat Teens 6-9yr (4.00pm -5.00pm)
Sale priceAED350.00



Advanced Bollywood dance batches have an advanced and intricate level of training than regular Bollywood dance classes. This batch of students would be trained specifically for competitions, stage shows and other events. A higher level would be maintained in their choreography, properties used and costume designing. If a candidate is interested to join the advanced batch, an audition would be conducted by our instructors based on which selection would be made. For existing students of regular batches, the respective teachers would select the students during their course of classes, and they will be internally promoted to the next level.

What you will learn

  • To dance to various Bollywood dance routines and longer combined dance routines.


  • Sports/Fitness/Any comfortable wear.
  • Passion for dance and dedication to learn & perform. 



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