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Bharatha Natyam is an oldest form of classical dance which is developed in the Indian culture. It is also considered as the Mother of the other classical dances. We Jazz Rockers provide you with the best opportunity to learn Bharatha Natyam in an easy yet thrilling way with amazing offers.

Bharatha Natyam is not just a form of dance. It can make changes in our mental, physical, social and spiritual realms. As it is a dance form which includes physical performance, it helps you to keep your body flexible and healthy. It also increases your stamina. It will provide you healthy and strong body which is of prime importance for your mental and spiritual health as well.

In Bharatha Natyam, the mudras are very important. There are many mudras which help one to improve and develop their spiritual realm. All the mudras are meaningful. As it is an ancient form of dance it includes the cultural and spiritual dimensions. So each steps, like bavam, natyam, facial expressions, movements of each part of the body are very important. It also helps you to improve your concentration.

When you attain concentration power, gradually you will improve body balance. It will be very helpful for your academic performances, and in your job as well. The concentration power also will help you to make good decisions. It will freshen your mind along with the body. It will always keep you mindful.

Bharatha Natyam will teach you how to manage your emotions in a positive manner. Emotion management is considered as one of the biggest issue in this world specially among youngsters. Here, through the Bharatha Natyam, you will learn how to express your emotions correctly. Your emotions will never control you rather you will be in control of your emotions.

We at Jazz Rockers bring forth a chance for you to practice and master an ancient art form which increases your mental, body and spiritual aspect. Not only that but we provide new exiting packages with amazing offers just for you. As we all know Dubai is an international place. We will help you to understand different cultures and different people. It is a rare chance where you get to learn an ancient art which is rich in culture also providing you to improve social learning skills.

Once you learn Bharatha Natyam, it will be very easier for you to choreograph a dance according to your need. It increases your social status and it also can improve your confidence and self- respect. It will reduce your stress level and it can keep you alive without laziness. You will never feel that you are lonely. It will keep you always engage. You will be always energetic with enthusiasm. Even others can feel the positive vibes in you.

If you want to love anything then you want to know its root. Bharatha Natyam is the root of all other dances. Though Bharatha Natyam is gossiped to be a dance form for girls. However, this view has changed slowly. We do believe that this ancient art form should be taught to all and so accept boys who are interested. We, Jazz Rockers provide you with the best opportunity, the best choices with the best offers for you to learn. It will never be a waste of your time. So what are you waiting for, enroll with us and together we journey through the ancient art form and enjoy learning together.  

Bollywood dance

Improves rhythm and coordination, to dance, you need to stay on the beat, lubricates your joints, boosts oxygen supply, gives you a full body workout, helps relieve stress, unique in its ability to tell a story through bodily movements,


Reduce stress, boost brain power and increase academic performance, develop confidence, motor skill, therapeutic tool, self expression, get fit, make new friends, lifelong learning, be in the present moment,


Enhance your concentration, improves your memory, enriches your multi tasking, builds your confidence, makes you more disciplined, creates a fun atmosphere, meet new people, reduces stress, relieve anxiety, allows your creativity to flourish, you can stay in touch with your emotions, it helps you play other instruments, strengthens your hands and wrists, improve your motor skills, lowers blood pleasure