Circle Time- The New Way of Supporting Your Kids Preschool Nursery Education!


Circle time nursery is an important compound in a child’s early year’s education. With Jazz Rockers Circle Time, the best nursery in Dubai, you as a parent will no longer need to worry about searching for the best nursery for your child. We have the best nurseries in Al Nahda, Al Karama, International City, Muhaisnah, and Mall of the Emirates. So choose smart.

Enrolling your child in a nursery that provides quality education is vital as it will depict and design your child’s future. This is why choosing Jazz Rockers Circle Time is important. We are highly dedicated towards our blooming students with well experienced and licensed teachers who are highly committed in meeting international academic standards.

Most nurseries in Dubai are quite expensive and do not offer a worthy service in return. Hence many parents are highly concerned whether the ethics and standards of nurseries will genuinely cater to their child’s growth and skill development. Keeping in mind of this fact, Jazz Rockers Circle Time is established to provide a distinguished education which is worthy for your money invested.

Say no to traditional learning methods. Our staff is highly committed in providing 21st century learning techniques including intensive student interaction and practical lessons including fun activities so that your child will never have to cry about boring circle time.

Finding the perfect nursery for your toddler is time consuming and requires your effort too. However, you do not need to waste time any more. Simply head towards Jazz Rockers Circle time and witness the art of education. Here are some facts that make us stand out from the ordinary preschools.

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Why Circle Time?

Unlike Jazz Rockers Circle Time, most Dubai nursery fees are highly expensive. In contrast to them, we promise to offer flexible and affordable charges for your child understanding from the parent’s point of view. This is because our main focus is on supporting affordability and quality education which makes the world a better place.

Fully-facilitated classrooms

Jazz Rockers Circle Time provides the best learning experience to your child. From spacious and fully-equipped classrooms to playgrounds and activity equipment fully tested for child-safety standards, we have it all!

A glance into preschool curriculum

As an award-winning educational institute, our pedagogy is constructed focusing on every aspect of a child’s early education including the physical and psychological well-being of a child while also meeting international standards. Most preschools in Dubai follows either the British or the American curriculum. However, there are also other preschools who follow the International Baccalaureate mainly known as the IB Curriculum.

Jazz Rockers Circle Time, the best school of nurseries in Dubai, designs its circle time activities to shape your child to be have a strong and independent mindset. Hence, that’s why our circle time preschool outstands from the others.