Rejimon Ravindran Nair

Fine Arts Instructor

Rejimon is our Fine Arts Instructor who is specialized variety of Painting mediums. He is a very resilient, committed, talented and creative art teacher who has the ability to maximize the pupil’s artistic achievements.
Up on finishing the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from College of Art, Delhi under the prestigious University of Delhi, he has taught in various schools and colleges in Delhi along with his artistic practice. He taught about a variety of areas such as art production, application of art in various fields of life and industry, art history and art appreciation. He is very good at bringing the best out the students and has a natural talent to make them feel confident in one self. His thorough knowledge and outstanding ability to impart the training on art initiates the hidden talent and mould the student into a confident art practitioner.
Rejimon has a special expertise in:
• Thorough Learning Method
• Visual Aids and assistive instructions
• Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting & Water Coloring
• Pencil, charcoal drawing & shading
• Pen & Ink
• Craft Works
• Classroom Management & Pupil Inspiration
• Lesson Planning
Professional Development:
• Work with a variety of art concepts, mediums and tools
• Conducted several painting exhibitions in India.
• Participated in workshops conducted by the Delhi Government Organizations.

Jazz Rockers now offer Rejimon’s more than 15 years of expertise and experience in acrylic painting and other mediums. He is available to teach our students from basic to advanced methods in a number of art mediums and applications.