Karthick Ayyappan


When he was only 5 years old Karthik started his dazzling “dancing” career. Karthik’s been dancing and teaching for more than 10 years now. Among that great deal of experience Karthik’s achievements are spotted in numerous regional dance championships in India. He was one among the World of Dance 2019 top 20 candidates. Also he secured the 5th place in National level competition in 2018, The independent Artists. All his recognitions and achievements  in dancing initially and mainly stand for the unforgettable and unique experience, professional dancing skills which in their turn result in understanding with the most effective, graceful & memorable techniques which do bring the very same reflected feelings while being on a dance floor. Being an outstanding dancer himself Karthik not only dances but also teaches, giving these unbelievable dancing vibes to his students. As of today Karthik is a talented and experienced dance coach who is cherishing and refreshing and sharing his knowledge with the ones he happens to teach. He started his dancing career back in 2015 and right from that time on has been lucky to work with as many as various kinds of students and their certain expectations from dancing, of people who have made dancing an incredible part of their lives. His expertise include Hip Hop and Urban & B-Boying.

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