Akshay Das has always been enthralled by the world of music and the magic it can cast in the hearts of people. He has been on a quest towards imbibing the best that music has to offer, at the same time ensuring to impart his wisdom to the aspiring singers.

His deep-rooted love for music prompted him to pursue music from Trinity College, London, in Grade 8 Rock & Pop Guitar, to be precise. Akshay prides himself to have attained Grade 5 Rock & Pop Guitar from the same. After completing his education in music, he went on to contribute his years of learning and expertise to the world through a field, deemed most divine – teaching. He has been a music trainer in schools and Music academy for five years now. He is a musician, in the true sense of the word, as he has showcased his musical brilliance, through the songs he has composed and penned. Most times, it comes so naturally to him that it seems like a moment of divine intervention.  

His sublime theoretical and practical knowledge of instruments such as guitar, drum and keyboard makes him stand out from his peers.