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Perhaps, the popularity of the guitar should be owed to its enormous versatility. Whichever musical styles it be, whether it is Rock, Metal, Folk, Country, Classical, Flamenco, or anything else, chances are you will be able to play it on the guitar and that is exactly what we train. We follow Trinity College London syllabus and our students can appear for Grade 3, 5, and 8 examinations through our courses.



    • Grade textbooks
    • Passion to learn music and dedication to practice & perform

    NOTE : You can move/join from one batch to another if required as per the convenience of the student if any day or time is clashing with the Childs regular schedule. 

    Available slots

    KG400-Friday (12-1pm)
    KG401-Saturday (12-1pm)
    KG402-Saturday (6-7pm)
    KG403-Sunday (5-6pm)
    KG404-Monday (4-5pm)
    KG405-Tuesday (5-6pm)

    KKH409 Sat (10-11am)

    KG408 Fri (10-11am)
    KKG210-Tuesday ADULTS (8-9pm)

    Note : All the batches displayed on the website can be changed to your suitable slot. You can choose the preferred timing through the branch officers after the joining procedures.

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