Rajil Anthony


Music Instructor

Keyboard, Guitar & Drums

Instrumentalist Rajil Anthony has an array of achievements to his credit. He emerged as the top contestant in the popular TV programme named  Pepsi Battle of the Bands in 2019 and swiftly rose to fame. He has rendered his performance in more than 100 concerts all over Pakistan as a multi-instrumentalist. A few of his recordings and video projects were conducted in renowned studios such as Funkarpur Studio, Keys Signature Studio, Dixon Wilson Studio and V-Mix Studio.

His then went on to become the member of the bands of Pakistan E Sharp, which has carved a niche for itself. Rajil’s journey was recognised by Lux Style Awards, as he grabbed himself two nominations. He also received Appreciation Award from the Shine Star TV for his contributions to the field.

As he pursued music and his passion, he also honed his culinary skills with Advance Diploma in Culinary Arts from COTHM. It was coupled with Certificate course in Information Technology from Memon Institute of Information Technology.

He has gained mastery in Adobe Premiere CC, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and is equally proficient in Microsoft Office.

His efficient team management and leadership skills and presentation skills make him unparalleled. Rajil has forged strong customer relations and showcased his expertise under pressure as well. He has shown the world that he is multi-skilled, as he finessed his skills in Italian cuisine.  He adeptness in playing instruments such as guitars, table and dholak, and is well versed in English, Urdu and Punjabi makes him stand apart from his peers.

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