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Ballet is an extremely sophisticated form of dance which originated in the royal courts is a personification of elegance and coordination. Ballet can be described as a highly technical form of dance which has even influenced the foundation of various dance genres. Seeing this beautifully poised piece of art one would not imagine the immense hard work that goes into attaining this flawless spatial and temporal awareness. Jazz Rockers offer Imperial Classical Ballet through which the participant can learn from the basics to advanced levels. Ballet boosts confidence, Improves posture, and coordination, Enhances focus, Sharpens critical thinking skills, Educates Ballet History, and tradition, Encourages bonding, Fosters a great work ethic, Increases flexibility and is a great fun. 

What you will learn

  • All the basic, intermediate, and advanced steps, correct alignment, and posture
  • The basic exercises of ballet fit, and you will enjoy dancing a famous work, strengthen all the body muscles and improve flexibility, balance, and resistance
  • To perform routines of Classical Ballet at the Barre, Centre, and Jumps, as well as warm up and stretching on the floor.
  • To fix most common mistakes while practicing various ballet steps
  • To perform a well-choreographed ballet choreography.



  • A chair or a ballet barre (if you have one) to hang on to for the Barre Work.
  • Sufficient space that allows you to move freely. Check by lifting legs in front, side and behind and make sure you do not touch the walls or anything else.
  • Wear comfortable cloth if you do not have ballet leotard, wear socks or ballet soft shoes if you have any. Bare feet are not recommended
  • Passion to learn, practice and perform Ballet
  • Laptop with high quality Webcam and Mic & Zoom Meeting Client


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