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Are there any health condition we need to be aware of ? If yes, please specify:

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1.Jazz Fitness clients/students should wear track pants, leggings, or sportswear. Tight pants, jeans etc must be avoided for your own comfort.

2. Bollywood tness and zumba students must wear dance shoes (sports shoes, canvas shoes etc). Not applicable for yoga students.

3. Clients may speak to respective admins/ branch supervisors/ operations in-charge to convey a suggestion, feedback or complaint. You are requested to avoid direct communication regarding classes or sessions with the instructors.

4. We have four dierent packages to suit your convenience which can be used to participate in one or more tness activity within the validity period.

5.Only one trial class is permitted per course. The trial class is free if the client does not join the course. But if a client joins for any tness course, the trial class they have taken gets counted in their sessions.

6. Clients will not be permitted to attend class without Fitness Card.

7. All clients must adhere to the validity period mentioned in Fitness Card after which the card becomes invalid. For your reference you may choose to click a picture of your tness card at the time of purchase.

8. In the event of you not being able to attend 2 or more consecutive classes, send an email to info@jazzrockers.com in advance. Thereby the balance amount of pending classes (if any at the time of card expiry) can be adjusted in the next tness card you take. The fee adjustment would be as per the company policy.

9. We do not accept any verbal request or leave applications. Your email once received will be acknowledged by admins.

10. If the validity has expired and the client has not informed us via email regarding break then the balance classes would lapse unconditionally.

11. Extension of validity or cash refund is not possible.

12. The instructors or institute shall not be liable or responsible for any of the injuries sustained in the class rooms or in the institute premises or during performances, competitions, workshops etc.

13. All classrooms and studios are CCTV monitored to ensure security of our students/clients. Incase this is a concern to you, please inform the admin prior to your session to shut the camera/monitor