HIP HOP and B Boying

The Hip Hop (4to 8yrs, 9 to 12yrs, 13yrs n above)

The Hip-Hop dance is composed of the old school style which is Rocking, Bboying, Tutting, Locking and Popping and all other Hip-Hop moves like Running Man,
Cabbage Patch, Lean Back etc. Now, the new generation came up with something fresh as well named, The Dougie Dance, Jerking, Rejects, Get Lite, and Krumping. To
learn all of these, the students should learn each one style at a time and their foundational moves.
Bboying has four foundational moves which are called the Toprock, Go Downs, Footworks, Freezes and Power Moves. In Toprock there are lots of variations
called Cross Steps, Indian Steps, Kick Steps, Salsas etc. It also has Burns and Disses. Go Downs is a tour transition from Toprock going to Footwork. So basically, before
you do Footwork, you’re going to do Go Downs called, Knee Drops, Spinning Knee Drops, etc. Now, on Footworks we have many variations. Namely, 2steps, 3steps,
4steps, 5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 steps. Also those Babylove, Russian Steps, Kick Outs, 8ball, CCS, etc as well. So, usually after Footworks, either you will start Power Moves or
a Freeze. Freezes are composed of different variations and you use Freezes to hit the beat. There are Handstand Freeze, Baby Freeze, Headstand Freeze, Chair Freeze
etc. Power Moves consists of Dynamic and Crowd Pleaser moves like The Windmill, Head spin, Airfares etc.
Locking is more of a funny approach and a groovy type of dance. Here we learn Skitter Rabbit, High Fives, Don Campbell Lock, Jazz Splits, Kick Ball Change etc.
In Popping we learn Chest Pops, Fresnos, Bogaloos, Waves, Glides etc.

The Instructor Performer and Choreographer

Mr.CL got trained by the 2 time world hip-hop champions 2006-2008 Philippine All-Stars. He is a champion in All Style Dance Battle in the Philippines and
the UAE. Part of Overboys crew – Champion of Battle Of The Year Middle East 2011-2012 and a Top 4 overall for RedBull breakings 2011.
“Guinness World Record holder for the category of longest video game marathon using dance central game by Xbox and the only sole promoter and main dancer of
dance central games for Xbox 360 UAE”.
CL is a Hip-hop choreographer of Step Up Academy, Gems Wellington, Kadomz Dance Studio, Latin Soul Studio, Acapella Club. He is the Choreographer for
Nina Kay’s Front Acts Concert for Toni Braxton at Meydan World Cup, Dance Arena Concert featuring Neyo, Taio Cruz etc. and the latest Pitbull Concert. Also done
MBC channel show for the RedBull break-dance competition. He is the head choreographer of Overboys and 9strosity crew.
CL conducted Flashmob shows of brands and events like GAP, Nokia, David Guetta concert, Elton John concert at Yas Island, Motorola at Dubai Mall, Grosvenor
House Hotel, Abu Dhabi Expo Center, Gitex, and etc. He done shows for Formula One, Xbox dance central games, Rugby Sevens, RedBull, Kia Motors, Mini Cooper,
Ndulge club, Yas island shows, Samsung TV launch, Samsung Galaxy launch, Al Ahli sports event.
He has done Dance2lax workshop with top Hollywood choreographers namely Kenny Wormald of the Footloose movie, Blake McGrath, and Lauren Gibson. He is also
one of the head choreographers of Lady Gaga. CL is also a commercial model and has done lots of music videos in the Philippines and the UAE.
We specializes in new style choreography involving all the old school style which is Bboying, Popping, Locking, and mixing it with various street dance styles
which are Dougie, Krumping, Jerking, Isolations and even house dancing. We call our style of dance as Frostyle.