Indian Classical Dance

Indian Classical Dance. (Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyatam, Kuchipudi)
(4to 8yrs, 9 to 12yrs, 13yrs n above)

A relatively new umbrella term for various codified art forms rooted in “Natya”, the sacred Hindu musical theatre styles, whose theory can be traced back to the Natya Shastra of Bharata Muni. Indian classical dance has a distinct character that reflects the great cultural and traditional endeavour.

The forms of Indian dance have transcended beyond the fences and socio-cultural hindrances. The Indian Classical Dance is often regarded as the form of worship and meditation, but it also has the calibre of creating a new and disciplined lifestyle.

The Instructor Performer and Choreographer

Hailed from a traditional and cultural family, Mrs SREEDIVYA SREENATH has an inborn talent in dancing. Recognizing the divine gift in her, she joined in the Nataraja Natya Kala Sadan, Madhyapradesh at a very tender age of 5. Her keen interest and dedication coupled with sincerity and innate talent helped her to won many prizes out of which the exquisite competitions organized by Nehru Bal Samiti, Bhopal Sankalp Youth Group, Bhopal and Nayee Duniya, Indore in the year 1996 was very impressive.

She also received the scholarship in Bharatanatyam from the Centre for Cultural and Resources & Training Scholarship, Ministry of Human Resources Development, New Delhi. Blessed with a natural flair for the art and relentless single-minded devotion, Sreedivya invested her talent in the divine art of Bharatanatyam and  Mohiniyatam during her higher secondary school days under renowned Gurus Smt. Kalamandalam Leelamma and Smt. Kalamandalam Preeja. Later she joined in Sree Sankaracharya Sanskrit University, Kalady, Kerala for B.A course opting Bharatanatyam as main and Mohiniyatam as Subsidiary.

The meticulous care, total commitment in training by RLV C. Venugopal, Smt. RLV Sindhu, and RLV Abu, Smt. RLV Aisha and Sreedivya’s strong sense of rhythm and scintillating performance made her to achieve the First rank. She continued her professional training by joining for M.A (Bharatanatyam) and achieved the First rank in that too.
“People have asked me why I chose to be a dancer. I did not choose.I was chosen to be a dancer, and with that, you live all your life. ”
Marth a Graham, Blood Memory Sreedivya has the proud privilege of performing Bharatanatyam Recitals at various places in India including Chidambaram Temple,Kollur Mookambika Temple & Meenakshi Temple. She participated in various programmes conducted by the Sree Sankaracharya Sanskrit University, Kalady as the part of the study course. She has also attended many Seminars of Dance and Music.

Sreedivya started a dance academy in Kerala in the name of “Sarga Academy of Performing Arts” with a view to mould young students in the classical dance forms in its pure traditional style. She trained more than 100 students under her institution in Kerala.Presently she resides in Dubai hoping to impart her talent and expertise to this part of the world. Aiming to preserve, develop and teach the traditional style we offer the below dance courses under MMrsSreedivya’s guidance: